About me

Once upon a time, I searched for the meaning of life for so long that I discovered Taoism. I owe the meeting with Lao Tzu to Mr. Viktor Horák and his private interpretation of the Tao Te Ching. Since then, I have been following my own path of inner cultivation. I got so excited about the Tao and its Virtue that I started blog about it. Following the Way and reading books of ancient Chinese philosophy became a habit for me. Later I was able to appreciate the beauty and meaning of traditional Chinese ink painting - I started practicing this art as a method of meditation. In order to provide for the family I worked hard as IT support, so there was not so much time for such demanding hobbies nor for exercising.

But the Path led me on. I found a worker job in woodworking industry that allowed me to live more agile and simpler lifestyle.

I stopped blogging but I didn't stop painting - I fell in love with a Japanese etegami! Thanks to these picture letters I can relatively easily capture the uniqueness of the living presence with sincere heartiness. Completed with appropriate text, etegami also conveys a message. I mostly paint seasonal motifs and also what I am surrounded by. At the same time, I remain free as a Taoist - I do not adhere to a masterfully perfect pattern.

The ideal for me has become a hidden sage who longs for a life without unnecessary things and tension. There is no need to wish for anything, I am learning to accept everything as it is.

I paint with ordinary brushes, ink and watercolors on cut-outs from paper boxes. Formatted to postcard size, my art is easy to mail. So, that is the mail-art, isn't it? ;-)